The Night Adorer C4 Part 1

Chapter 4 Talents

Talent specialties were extremely rare abilities.

Under normal circumstances, when ordinary players became a transcender, only when they were very compatible with their classes could they comprehend talent specialties.

This was a very small group of people.

The vast majority of people who became transcenders would not comprehend talent, which showed the rarity of talent specialties.

According to Su An’s previous life, any player who had a talent specialty was eligible to join a professional guild.

Of course, this was the threshold of the third-rate level guild. If it was a first- and second-rate professional guild, there were other higher thresholds-this was what Su An once knew as the top player among the lone wolf players.

However, he actually had three talent specialties. 

Is this the effect of Divine Ritual... No.

Su An secretly shook his head. The current situation did not belong to the category that could be explained by 'Divine Ritual', it was definitely a special phenomenon.

In his previous life, even the players who were blessed by the demigod level, as far as he knew, only comprehended one talent.

Su An had never heard of a new player with two talents, let alone three talents...

Could it be...

Is it because the one who gave me the class ritual was 'Lord of the Black Abyss'?

After all, in the "Eternal Night" in Su An's previous life, there had never been a player who could make a contract with Lord of the Black Abyss, because the release of Codex of the Black Abyss was a standard "prehistoric event" before the game was launched, no players had the opportunity to get them...

Su An shook his head. Right now, it was not the time for him to think about this.

The most noteworthy thing was his three talent abilities——

The first [Dark Vision], was common among the newcomers in Dark Knight. It would give people the advantage of night vision. In low-level battles, it seemed not powerful but extremely practical. Under certain circumstances, it could be very useful

The second [Shadow Clone] was even more rare and precious, allowing players to have a second health bar, which could be upgraded along with attributes. It had great potential and could only be obtained by the classes that were related to the 'shadow' domain. In Su An's impression, this talent could be ranked in the top 30 of the known talents around the world.


No matter how powerful [Shadow Clone] was, it was not as outrageous as the ability of the third talent. When Su An saw it, he almost thought he had hallucinations. Because the talent speciality named [End of Dream] was hailed as the most precious talent in his previous life, and only one professional player in Russia managed to learn it.

This talent could not increase combat effectiveness, but it was precisely it that had helped players dig out a large amount of plot information. Among them, the identity and background of Codex of the Black Abyss was unearthed from the Fallens by the Russian player who had [End of Dream]!

I actually have this talent... Su An thought. Suddenly, he heard the call of Codex of the Black Abyss——

"Congratulations, you have stepped into the field of transcender."

Codex of the Black Abyss checked it again, staring at the back of his hand. It paused for a few seconds, and then smiled, "Not bad, it actually is the deed of the knight, and the night branch. As the Dark Knight, you are born with the spell-like ability of 'Touch of Evil'. Later, you can use it to unlock the cage and take the opportunity to escape..."

While talking, Su An noticed the tiredness in its eyes, as if it was exhausted. Regarding this, Su An knew in his heart that it was the price paid by the Lord of the Black Abyss for holding the class ritual for him.

The Abyss of Sin, this was what the Eternal Night World called that place. But it was also called Black Abyss by the rulers of that place, which was the group of Lords of the Black Abyss.

From the earliest time, the Black Abyss and the Eternal Night World was separated by an ancient and heavy seal, completely preventing the invasion of the Black Abyss, and also blocked the penetration of the power of the Lords of the Black Abyss, preventing them from coming to the world of the Eternal Night.

Even if there was 'Codex of the Black Abyss' as an anchor allowing the Lords of the Black Abyss to find another way to penetrate into the world of Eternal Night, they still had to pay a heavy price.

It’s like playing 'LOL' on your computer. You can easily get to the gold rank in your local server, but if you go to the foreign server, the delay between the two will be too high. The slow network speed would cause the frame rates to drop dramatically, which would lead to the decrease of your performance. And the result of that was that you would not even be able to defeat a bronze rookie...Lord of the Black Abyss was also in the same situation.

"Divine Ritual"... precisely consumed the power of the caster.

If it was in the black abyss, this consumption would be a drop in the bucket for him.

It was a pity that after a layer of strong and heavy sealing barriers, its strength was consumed severely, so it was natural that it would be exhausted after the ritual.

"Let me prepare to escape?" Su An was about to reply when suddenly, a reminder sounded in his ear——

[Notice: You have triggered the plot event Bird From The Cage (Lv5)]

[The content of the mission: You unfortunately fell into the hands of the Desolate White Wolves, but on the snowy field in the middle of the night, you seem to have found an opportunity to escape their control. Of course, if you are determined to escape, it means you have to give up other people......]

[Reward: 100 experience points, Codex of the Black Abyss favorability +10, Lionheart Chamber of Commerce favorability -20.]

[Difficulty rating: Lv5/Dangerous Level: E.''


Sure enough, the taskbar also followed my character panel and stayed with me... 

Su An's heart moved. It seemed that besides he could not open the main menu, exit the game, and did not have the player’s backpack, the ability of players still remained, and he could undertake tasks to gain experience points.

"Bird From The Cage"... This is an Lv5 mission. For the current Su An, the risk was judged to be E level.

The mission events in "Eternal Night" had difficulty ratings. The lowest difficulty was F grade. As for E grade, it was slightly higher than that, which was still in the simple range.

Su An became a transcender and activated the main class. Although his character level was only Lv1, in the recognition of aboriginalpeople, his combat power was no less than that of mercenaries around level 10. For example, the ordinary guards who were captured were probably 5-7 level militias (the secondary class) . If there were 10 level militias, they could be called elites among the mercenaries.

The level 1 Dark Knight was stronger than the level 10 militia.

The main class's bonus to combat power was a qualitative change. If it weren't for this, the aboriginal people would not deliberately divide it into the 'transcender' class. The latter was the powerhouse who opened the main class and stepped into the transcendental realm.


Su An glanced at the task rewards on the panel, but didn't rush to act.

Instead, he fell into brief thoughts.

Su An was once a wasteland pioneer, his instinct to dig deeper into the task was carved into his bones. At this moment, he looked at the brief description on the panel and felt that his instinct was a little restless.

Soon, he followed this instinct and said,

"I will not escape."

"Yes, as long as you use your abilities, you can easily escape- Mhm?!" Codex of the Black Abyss reacted and almost suspected that it had heard it wrong. The next moment, the eyes on the book cover slightly widened, "You… What did you just say?"

"I am going to retaliate against them."

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