The Night Adorer C4 part 2


Su An did not talk nonsense, but expressed his plan with practical actions. He stretched out his hand and activated his skills towards the iron cage in front of him. Wisps of black smoke wrapped around his palm, corroding the iron pillars, making them become brittle. With a squeaking sound and a gentle twist, the iron pillars that were originally hard, like bread rusks, flew away with the wind.

It was the Dark Knight's first natural skill - Touch of Evil.

Skills were different from talents. Each class had its own initial skill. As a very aggressive combat class, Dark Knight had its own Touch of Evil that transformed spirituality into corrosive power. It was a very aggressive skill and was called the divine skill of new players.

Witnessing this scene, Codex of the Black Abyss was anxious, "You are crazy, this is a group of Desolate Bandits with black flags, do you understand the meaning of black flags? That means that there is at least one transcender in the group! Don't think because you became a transcender, so you will have the power to fight them now?

"You are just a newcomer, and you haven’t even mastered your power yet. What qualifications do you have to fight with them?"

While talking, the eyes of Codex of the Black Abyss revealed disappointment. It thought that the other party was a smart person, at least being able to guess its 'half identity' proved that he was somewhat different from other people. 

Su An’s calmness and sensibility made the Codex of the Black Abyss think he was a, he should be an excellent partner.

Unexpectedly, this seemingly calm and sensible excellent teammate lost his mind, as if he had been under the spell 'bloodthirst’, and he even planned to attack the whole group of bandits alone.

Is he crazy? !

On the snowy field of the Frigid Land of the North, even a three-year-old child knew the horror of the Desolate Bandits, and knew how troublesome the bandits with black flags were. They could survive the clean up of "Pilgrims" and carry on threatening the passing caravan vehicles. 

From this it could be clearly seen that they had extremely rich combat experience, which was not something newcomers could deal with.

In the eyes of Codex of the Black Abyss, Su An's behavior was simply seeking death.

Su An ignored it and continued to erode the iron pillars with black smoke. Soon, the entire iron cage was exposed.

"You are crazy..." Codex of the Black Abyss felt deeply regretful. It wanted to stop Su An's behavior. However, the "Divine Ritual" had consumed too much of its power, plus Su An was now a transcender, it would not be able to stop Su An.

Moreover, Codex of the Black Abyss was originally betting on Su An, and it had placed all bets on him. They were now two  grasshoppers on the same rope, he didn't want to have a conflict at this time.

I'm too careless, I acted too rashly…

Codex of the Black Abyss was deeply annoyed. The next moment, it saw Su An climbing the gap in the iron cage, turning his head and making a quiet gesture, seemingly ready to act.

"Take me with you!" Having a bad feeling, Codex of the Black Abyss said hurriedly, "I can help you at a critical moment."

Codex of the Black Abyss made up its mind that if the situation was critical, it would sacrifice a little bit of its strength to help Su An to get through the difficulties. After all, it had put a lot of effort into it. Its current mindset was like a loser in a casino, in order to save money, it could only grit its teeth and continue.

However, when it said this sentence, Su An heard another voice——

[Notice: You have triggered the plot event·Exterminate the White Wolf Group (Lv10)]

[The content of the mission: As the slave goods of the White Wolf Desolate Bandits, the best way for you to fight for freedom is to eliminate those enemies! Turn their blood into a hymn, and help Pilgrims to clear them.]

[Reward: 500-1000 experience points, Codex of the Black Abyss Favorability +25, Lionheart Chamber of Commerce Favorability +10. Note: if the mission fails, Codex of the Black Abyss Favorability -30, your relationship becomes cold.]

[Difficulty rating: Lv10/Dangerous Level: C]


"Yes!" Su An's eyes lit up.

Sure enough, his guess was right, this task had a hidden branch. If he followed the suggestions of Codex of the Black Abyss, he would miss it.

The rewards for the new missions were extremely rich. The 500-point guarantee experience was extremely amazing in the early stage. For the current Su An, he urgently needed experience points to improve himself. This large wave of experience would help Su An level up much faster

He must take this mission!

And he must do it alone!

Su An knew that if he was assisted by aboriginal people in his mission, the reward would be reduced. Moreover, he was used to being a solo player and didn't want to bring Codex of the Black Abyss. This was like having a teammate that could potentially steal your kills and take your XPs. It was not good.

"No need."

Su An directly refused, "You stay in the iron cage, I don't want any extra burden."


Codex of the Black Abyss was so angry that it almost died from anger, as the dignified Lord of the Abyss, it was considered a burden by this person? It was a pity that Su An didn't give it a chance to speak. He just jumped out of the gap in the iron cage.

The next moment, Su An grabbed the iron rod above, and started to move forward with the help of the dark night like a ghost.

Codex of the Black Abyss was furious, but it did not dare to make any noise. For fear of exposing Su An, it could only stare at the figure under the night.

It wanted to see how this guy would fail.

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