The villain only wants to live a Buddhist life Chapter 57 Dark Demon Discovers Something Interesting

Chapter 57 Dark Demon Discovers Something Interesting

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In the corner, Dark Demon hadn't really left.

As soon as he was out of White and Robert's field of vision, he stopped and listened.

White and Robert were not speaking softly. So Dark could hear all the conversations between them.

"It turns out the flower card has a new function, which can peek at people's favorability."

"Wait, isn't this a must-have feature for Galgame's protagonist? It is actually presented in this way?"

"So, did he just want to increase my favorability?"

"Is there any reward? Or can he unlock the CG cutscene? Hahaha, it should be impossible to unlock the CG cutscene."

"Although it looks useless, I can't let him spy on my mind wantonly."

"There is Occlumency in "Harry Potter", which is the magic of closing one's mind against mind-reading magic. It can even simulate false memories. There is no reason for this world to not have it."

Dark continued to listen for a while. When he noticed more people were coming into the corridor, he left quickly. 

"The next class is Professor Cazer's class. If the flower cards have nothing to do with Professor Cazer, maybe I can pry some information from White."


When Dark arrived in the class of magic introduction, Emma Mortis had already taken the front row.

He smiled, still sitting in the last row by the window, waiting for the arrival of White and Robert.

According to the behavior of White and Robert, he guessed that even if White could really benefit by improving the favorability of others, it should only be obtained from some special people.

For example, the main characters in the game!

Based on this guess, Emma should be one of them.

When the class was about to start, White and Robert walked into the classroom through the front door. This is something that rarely happened before.

And White deliberately held that [Forbidden Love] in his hand.

Although he pretended to be casual, he obviously took a ‘photo’ of Emma with [Forbidden Love]!

Then White and Robert hurried to the other side of the last row of the classroom.

Before they even put down their school bags, they got together and checked the card.

[Name: Emma Mortis]

[Rarity: SSR]

[Favorability: 31]

Robert was surprised: "It is 31. White, like many people, it seems that Emma doesn't dislike you much. I really want to know how much she likes me. Maybe she doesn't hate me that much as well!"

White glanced at him and smiled awkwardly: "Haha."

But then, he noticed there was a lock on the card!

Although it was not a golden lock like Dark’s, it was still an orange lock.

He immediately stretched out his hand and touched it, then a line of words appeared below the 🔒: Unlock Favorability 80.

"Is it because of the rarity?"

White immediately noticed the key.

"Dark's rarity is UR, so it's a golden lock. Emma's rarity is SSR, so it's an orange lock. Although I don't know which one is rarer, it is undoubtedly related to rarity."

Robert also realized the key’s function, and his face became a little ugly. "So, there is no lock on my data is because..."

White quickly comforted, "Don't think too much, Robert. Let’s check other people. Maybe Professor Cazer?"

Robert's eyes lit up. "Emma and Dark have locks. The professors must have locks too."

White whispered, "Keep your voice down. When the professor comes, we will think of something."


"My rarity is UR, and Emma's rarity is SSR?"

Dark lifted his pen and wrote a line of grades in his notebook: N, R, SR, SSR, UR.

"So it is about rarity."

"If a favorability degree of 80 unlocks some kind of reward, there should be further reward unlocking conditions, such as a favorability degree of 90 and a favorability degree of 100."

"It is truly a world derived from Galgame; all the elements are present."

"But the popularity of the real world is not as easy to improve as the characters in the game."

“This is really interesting.”

Thinking of this, the [Wrath] inside his heart was relieved a lot.

"White Gawd is really an interesting guy."


Professor Cazer arrived in the classroom half a minute late, and there was still a little white bandage on his head.

White and Robert were hoping that Professor Cazer would step off the podium by himself. So they could take a photo of him using the flower card.

But Professor Cazer would not step off the podium unless he gave out the homework.

→The footstool on the podium was the reason.

In this class, Professor Cazer really talked about "the general method of making magical spirit cards" and recommended to the students a book called "Magic Spirit Refining - General Manual".

Most students listened carefully.

Dark also paid attention to it.

This part of knowledge was very important to magisters, and what they could learn from the textbook was very limited.

Professor Cazer mainly taught a "basic refining method", which combined several magic refining circles, and finally ended with the number 1 magic refining circle. After putting some potions, plant organs, monster teeth, hair, blood, and eyeballs into the magic refining circle, the refining process would begin. 

It was just that this kind of refining method was very random, and no one knew beforehand what could be obtained in the end.

Dark preferred to call it the "random refining method".

In contrast, the "Magic Spirit Refining - General Manual" mentioned by Professor Cazer recorded a relatively detailed "basic refining method."

In that book, the method of making magical spirit cards is subdivided according to race and attributes.

There are a total of 15 races, 20 attributes, and 300 different basic refining methods!

"Very well. That's exactly what I need."

Dark wrote down the name of the book and prepared to borrow it from the library after the class.

After Professor Cazer finished this part, he gave the students time to copy the information from the blackboard.

Then he walked off the podium to see if the students were taking notes seriously.

When he walked to Dark, he glanced at the dense but neat notes, nodded slightly, and turned to the other side of the classroom.

White and Robert were over there.

The two hurriedly pretended to take notes, waiting for the professor to turn around. When the professor was finally walking away, White knew this was his chance.

He immediately picked up [Forbidden Love] and took a picture of Professor Cazer.

In the next moment.


A cloud of pink mist burst out of [Forbidden Love]'s surface, and the card trembled crazily.

White was taken aback and quickly held down the card.

Professor Cazer turned his head and stared at him with a deep frown.





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