The Only Normal Human In The Universe Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 


"I've already talked to my friend about this matter, and he's also agreed to it. It can't be changed, " Cheng Yi couldn't explain more. He could only change the subject, "Is mother willing to help me with what I just said?"

The current situation of the Cheng family is as follows. 

Grandpa Cheng had been recuperating in a sanatorium for health reasons and had just recently returned to the Cheng family.

Cheng Fu worked in the military and was promoted to lieutenant general last year.

Cheng Lin worked in the business world and manages the Cheng family's various properties.

Although Cheng Yi's name had been known for a long time, he had not yet made a choice about the general direction of his life.

However, most people believe that he would definitely choose to join the military. After all, his SSS spiritual power can only be put to full use in the military.

As for Cheng Yang, he was still a child. Let him play for a few more years.

When the initial topic was brought up, Cheng Lin could not help but be silent for a moment.

The previous decision to break off all cooperation with the Zhao family was considered a clear-cut decision with the Zhao family and a statement of attitude.

But Cheng Yi’s proposal was to put the two families on the opposite side of the fence.

There were many more things to consider than the former.

However, Cheng Lin was only silent for ten seconds or so before she made her decision: "You are my son. How can I not help you?"

Although there were indeed many things to consider, it was worth it for An Yan's sake.

To be more precise, this was for her son’s sake.

"Thank you, mother." Cheng Yi said.

"Do you have to be so polite with your own mother? If you really want to thank me, you should have brought Yan Yan back earlier, both of them." Hearing this expression of thanks, Cheng Lin  face could not help but reveal a smile.

Cheng Yi, however, said bluntly, "I still have to go to the training room. I'll hang up now. Goodbye, mother. "

After hanging up, Cheng Yi found that his light brain had missed a call from Cheng Yang.

In addition, there were several text messages from him.

[Big brother, why aren't you answering my call?]

[Forget it, I'd better ask you directly. Was the high quality potion that you gave me earlier made by Yan Yan?]

[If you don't answer me, I'm going to ask Yan Yan directly!]

[Please reply to me quickly, I'm dying of anxiety QAQ.]

Cheng Yi replied briefly with one word: [Yes.]

The next second, Cheng Yang's call came through again.

 While Cheng Yi was receiving his mother's support and talking with Cheng Yang about certain issues, An Yan, on the other hand, was having an academic exchange with Zhang Cheng and another professor.

"Student An Yan, don't be nervous.  We just want to discuss with you the potion you just made. Of course, you can choose not to answer if you feel they are personal. We will not force you." Before the formal exchange took place, the other professor re-emphasized the personal issue.

Normally, there would be no need to consider such issues between professors and students. After all, there was a difference in levels and it was basically unnecessary.

But the potions An Yan had just made were right there, and the production process was vivid. Making two high quality potions in a row, plus the one from the entrance exam, could never be considered a coincidence.

Therefore, they made a general judgement about the level of An Yan’s potion making, and it was no exaggeration to say that it was far higher than the two of them.

With this thought, they looked at An Yan differently. They went from treating their student with love and guidance to admiration and respect for a master pharmacist. 

An Yan was a little uncomfortable under the two men's hot eyes, and he pointed out, "If the two professors have anything to ask, please just say it. I will definitely try my best to answer."

Zhang Cheng and his colleague glanced at each other and cautiously asked, "An Yan, when you started making this potion, were you already sure that it would be a high quality potion?"

An Yan nodded, "That's pretty much it."

Zhang Cheng and his colleague drew in a breath of cold air at the same time. He is really a gifted and high-quality potion maker!

The other professor asked hesitantly, "Then your technique of making potions..." ......"

Normally, the production process for a master pharmacist is of the utmost importance, and it would seem very impolite to ask such a question directly.

But he was too curious. Although he had seen some unique techniques for making potions before, he had never seen one like An Yan's, where he was able to create a high quality potion without even using his potion’s spiritual power.

However, halfway through his question, the professor also realized his mistake and corrected himself with difficulty. "I’m sorry, student An Yan. I was rash. I retract my earlier question, I hope you can......"

Before the professor could finish his words, he saw An Yan shake his head, "It's nothing. I don't mind answering this question."

The two professors were surprised, happy, and hesitant. It was as if they were afraid An Yan was forced to answer, so Zhang Cheng once again emphasized, "An Yan, you can choose not to answer this question at all, and we really don't have the right to ask you about your potion making methods, understand?"

An Yan nodded affirmatively, but his attitude didn't change. "I know, but I really don't mind answering this question. It's just that I'm not sure if my answer is the right one or not."

Zhang Cheng's voice took on a slight tremble as he cleared his throat and said as calmly as he could, "Then... tell me about it."

"I know what the two professors are confused about how I managed to create a high quality potion without using the potion’s spiritual power," An Yan looked very calm because he had already figured out the wording before, "In my opinion, the reason for this situation lies in the fact that the direction of my thinking when making potions is completely opposite to yours."

Both men had a hard time understanding this statement, "Thinking in the opposite direction?"

"For most pharmacists, the direction of their thinking is to force down the animal traits, while mine is to pacify." An Yan's expression was serious as he portrayed his thoughts, "If we think of the animal traits carried by a human body as an ignorant child, there are two ways to put him to sleep quickly."

The two professors' expressions slowly changed from the initial incomprehensibility to deep thought as An Yan spoke."

One way is to scare him, telling him that if he doesn't sleep, he will be beaten or have no food to eat.  That way, even if he doesn't know any better, he will have to close his eyes in fear and go to sleep," An Yan's description continued, "The other way is to give him bedtime stories or music that promotes sleep, so that he can quickly go to sleep."

At this point, An Yan looked up at the two professors and said, "The method you are using is the first one, while I am using the second one. That is the fundamental difference in the direction of our thinking."

This was the first time the two had heard such a statement, but after understanding An Yan's words, they surprisingly felt that it made sense.

"In this case, the consequences brought about by the two methods will of course become very different," An Yan saw a dawning look on the two professors' faces and continued to narrate, "Although the first method can indeed make the child sleep quickly, it will carry a great deal of negative emotions for him. Even after falling asleep, it is difficult to sleep soundly. That is why the side effects caused by using the body potion you have made will be so great."

“Although the onset of action from my potions may not be as quick as yours, it will not cause much mental and emotional burden on the child," An Yan said with some pride as he shook the potion in his hand. "And in this way, the child can sleep more stably and longer, which corresponds to the effectiveness of the body potion, and that's about it."

After listening to An Yan's full description, the two professors' expressions were already very serious. Leave aside the fact that An Yan had successfully produced three high quality potions according to such a thinking concept, even just hearing such a thinking concept left them deeply shocked.

That kind of impact was like an enlightening experience that made them realize how narrow-minded and radical their previous thinking was; no, to be exact, the thinking of the entire pharmaceutical industry.

They had never even thought of solving the problem in a friendly and harmonious way from the very beginning because of their disgust and rejection of the animal features on their bodies.

They were limited by their emotions and blinded by their desperate attempts to find out how to suppress those animal features more effectively, which put them on the wrong path from the very beginning. They were very wrong indeed!

At the same time, they felt both ironic and bitter, but they could not help but feel a burning hope in their hearts.

Even if they had been utterly wrong before, at least they had a future!

Even if the mistakes they had made before were really huge, as long as human beings could realize their mistakes and change in time, there was still hope!

The professor couldn't help but look at An Yan with joy, as if he was looking at a supreme treasure: "An Yan, thank you, thank you so much!"

An Yan said shyly, "I was just voicing out a little of my thoughts. It's not much."

Although Zhang Cheng was still reserved on the surface, his heart was also surging with excitement. "No, without you, we don't know how long we would have to continue on this wrong path, so ...... thank you so much!"

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