The Only Normal Human In The Universe Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 

Her father was already very upset with her. If today's incident reached his ears, Zhao Xinxin couldn't imagine how much he would scold her.

Perhaps it would be more than just a scolding.

Even though she felt the contempt of the students around her and felt that her face was burning as if she had been slapped dozens of times, Zhao Xinxin had to turn around and face An Yan, the person that made her so angry and resentful.

Zhao Xinxin walked back to An Yan with heavy steps. She lowered her head and said, in a trembling voice, "I'm sorry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn't have speculated about you, and I shouldn't have attacked you. I'm really sorry." 

Zhao Xinxin's nails dug deep into her palm in order to keep her emotions from getting out of control, but she didn't even feel much pain.

When Zhao Xinxin had finished her apology, An Yan turned to Professor Zhang Cheng and asked, "Professor Zhang, the punishment will not be doubled as long as she apologizes to me? Whether I accept her apology or not?"

Zhao Xinxin could not help but feel a hint of foreboding upon hearing these words.

Zhang Cheng replied, "Since it's an apology to you, she obviously has  to get your forgiveness for it to be considered complete. Otherwise, the punishment will still be doubled. "

"I understand, thank you Professor Zhang," An Yan nodded, then turned to face Zhao Xinxin, saying, "I have heard your apology, but I do not intend to accept it."

Zhao Xinxin jerked her head up and looked at An Yan with cynicism, "An Yan, don't bully people too much!"

"I should be saying this to you, right?" An Yan's expression was indifferent as he looked at Zhao Xinxin. His voice unhurried, "Whether it was the initial deliberate targeting, or the previous rumour-mongering incidents, including what happened today, it was you who deliberately targeted me each time, while I never took the initiative to hurt you from the start. Under such circumstances, do I not even have the right to refuse your apology? "

Zhao Xinxin was rendered speechless, but in her heart, she resented An Yan even more.

This was a normal situation. After all, a selfish and self-serving person like her would shift responsibility no matter how big a mistake she made.

But she took the current occasion in account, Zhao Xinxin was afraid that if she acted otherwise, she would be punished even more harshly. She reluctantly held back the resentment in her heart and did not show it on the spot.

Zhang Cheng then spoke up, "Since An Yan does not want to accept Zhao Xinxin's apology, then we will deal with it in accordance. 10 credits will be deducted and she’ll be given two demerits. " 

An Yan thanked Professor Zhang.

Zhang Cheng nodded to him and then said to all the students, "Alright, now let's all go back to the practical class."

The other professor saw that An Yan was about to follow the other students and leave, and hastily stopped him, "This student, wait for a moment. I have a few questions I would like to ask you. "

An Yan glanced at Cheng Yi with embarrassment. He could already guess what kind of questions this professor was going to ask him. He didn't mind answering them, but he still wanted to have a few words with Cheng Yi.

Seeing the little one's gaze, Cheng Yi took the initiative and said, "Yan Yan, can continue, I'll pick you up after school. "

An Yan smiled and nodded, "Okay, thank you, senior, for just now."

Although the situation was not dangerous to him, nor was it likely to cause any impact, An Yan was still touched and grateful to see Cheng Yi protecting him like that.

Cheng Yi raised his hand and rubbed the little one's head. He said a polite goodbye to the professors present and turned to leave.

The moment Cheng Yi walked out of the lab, his tender expression instantly sank.

When he received his brother's message, Cheng Yi, who was at the training ground, rushed over immediately. His only thought was to comfort An Yan immediately after the matter was over, so that his mood would not be affected.

He didn’t expect to see Zhao Xinxin’s ferocious expression as she pounced on An Yan with a fierce face when he arrived.

Although he knew that An Yan wouldn’t be harmed in any way, he could not help but feel panic at that moment, and he rushed straight up to them.

Although he did not let Zhao Xinxin touch the little one, the anger in Cheng Yi's heart was still hard to dispel.

It was hard to predict Zhao Xinxin's crazy behaviour, but he also felt responsible for not arranging everything properly and nearly putting the little one in danger.

Cheng Yi left the laboratory building with a sullen face and dialed his mother.

Cheng Lin, who was busy with company affairs, received the call and asked straight away, "Ah Yi, what's the matter?"

Cheng Yi said in a low voice: "It's getting cold. Zhao's should..." 

"Wait, wait!" Cheng Lin was amused after listening to her son's long explanation, "Isn't my son a rising star in the virtual arena? How come he suddenly started to learn how to speak like a general? "

Cheng Yi: "...... mother, I'm talking to you about serious matters."

Cheng Lin smiled and said yes repeatedly. "Then may I ask, apart from the reason that the sky is cold, are there any other factors that prompted you to make such a decision?"

Cheng Yi said, "Zhao Xinxin was looking to trouble Yan Yan again, and she almost hurt him."

Cheng Lin could hear so much reproach and grievance in her son’s low, cold voice, and she was taken aback, but then returned her attention to the matter itself: "It's true that Zhao Xinxin's behavior should be severely criticized, but are you sure you want to escalate a personal grudge into a confrontation between two companies, or even two families?"

Cheng Yi said in a deep voice, "Yan Yan is not just anyone."

"Then he is..." Cheng Lin had heard some information related to An Yan from her youngest son before, and vaguely knew that her eldest son seemed to be moved by this boy.

However, Cheng Yi had almost never mentioned An Yan's existence in front of them before, which made Cheng Lin not completely take her younger son's statements seriously. After all, with his jumpy nature of listening to the wind and rain, he might have unconsciously exaggerate the facts.

Cheng Yi had indeed overlooked this issue, because, in his opinion, the little one had gotten along with his family many times, and they had a good relationship.

But he had forgotten that it was the little guy in hamster form who got along well with his family, had been held by his cold-blooded father, and was now a son to his mother.

Thinking about it this way, it seemed that the little one in human form had never been a guest in his home.

His mother's voice came again as he thought about this, "What's wrong? Is this a difficult question to answer? "

Cheng Yi came back to his senses and said to his mother in a serious tone, " I'm interested in Yan Yan, but he doesn't know my feelings yet, so we're just friends for now."

 It was Cheng Lin’s turn to be at a loss as to how to react. She never expected her eldest son, who had always been introverted, to say such things so bluntly.

So her son had decided on that boy?

The mother then began to hate the iron. It was rare to like a person so much, but you don’t even dare go to confess. She did not expect her son to play such a weak game!

Wait, is it because of that aspect that her son would.....

Cheng Lin’s mood became heavy. If it was really because of that reason, then her son's relationship problems really need to be treated carefully.

Although she didn't want her son to be alone, she couldn't allow her son to wreak havoc on other people's good kids, could she?

With this in mind, Cheng Lin was both sad and tangled, and she didn't even know what to say for a while.

Probably aware of his mother's thoughts, Cheng Yi took the initiative to say, "That problem has already been solved."

Cheng Lin was still in a state of intense negative emotions and was a bit confused for a moment: "Huh?"

Cheng Yi added, "It was Yan Yan who helped me solve it."

Cheng Lin came back to her senses and smoothly picked up the meaning of her son's words. She was immediately surprised and delighted: "Is this true?"

The problem that had plagued the whole family for so many years had actually been successfully solved?

Cheng Yi affirmed, "It's true. It's been a while, but I just didn't have time to tell you."

"It's been a while, and you still say you didn't have time to tell us?" After the surprise, Cheng Lin couldn't help but complain with a dark face.

But it was just a complaint. After all, it was a bigger surprise to find out that the problem was solved than the little bit of dissatisfaction from her son's hiding this from her.

"Since it was Yan Yan who helped you solve this problem, wait ......" Cheng Lin suddenly stopped in the middle of her sentence and paused for a moment before asking in an odd tone, "So how did Yan Yan help you solve this problem?" 

Could it be that something indescribable happened between her son and that boy, and it unexpectedly and miraculously cured the problem in her son's body?

Cheng Yi didn't need to guess to know what his mother was thinking. His face darkened and he said seriously, "Mother, please correct your thinking. Yan Yan was able to solve the problem in my body through potions. " 

"Ohh, so," Cheng Lin hurriedly put away her gossipy mind and said enthusiastically, "Yan Yan has helped you so much. He can be considered a benefactor to our family, but how come you have never brought him to the house?"

"I was planning to do that recently." It was his fault for neglecting this, but he would naturally correct his mistake.

Cheng Lin was delighted at his words, "Then let's do it this weekend. I'll personally… forget it, it's better for you to cook for him personally. "

Cheng Yi:"... okay."

Cheng Lin continued to think freely: "It is just the right time to let the two Yan Yans meet. I think Yan Yan will like Yan Yan very much."

Cheng Yi: "......" Yan Yan is indeed very fond of Yan Yan, but I'm afraid it will be very difficult to get them to meet.

It was better to solve this problem first. Cheng Yi was silent for a moment and then spoke, "I'm going to leave Yan Yan with a friend this weekend, so I can't bring him home."

Cheng Lin was immediately upset, "Why should you leave Yan Yan to someone else? Are you worried that I won't be able to take care of him?"

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