The Only Normal Human In The Universe Chapter 94

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Chapter 94


After the first attempt, the next one was much easier. The other professor also gave it a go and produced a potion that was similar to Zhang Cheng's. Although the two potions were not comparable to An Yan's, they were both very satisfied and excited.

At that moment, the bell rang for the last class of the morning.

The professor said with intent, "I didn't think it was already time for the end of class. I want to try it again. "

Zhang Cheng also realized a problem at this time; "Wait, wasn’t I supposed to be giving practical lessons to the students?"

An Yan: "......" 

He also realized that he was supposed to be in a practical lesson.

The other professor laughed cheerfully and patted Zhang Cheng's shoulder as he said, "You can just wait for your salary to be deducted, but it's worth it."

Zhang Cheng nodded approvingly, "It's really worth it."

An Yan said weakly, "Then I......" He did not attend most of the classes, so his credits would not be deducted, would they?

Zhang Cheng replied: "Don’t worry. It was me who called you here, and even if there was a problem, it would be on me. "

An Yan was relieved. "Thank you, Professor Zhang."

Zhang Cheng thought for a moment and took the initiative to speak up, "We will definitely keep today's incident confidential. Don't tell others about this concept for the time being. "

"Yes, yes, this idea is really important. Once it's presented, it could change the whole pharmaceutical industry, so you must pay attention," the other professor stressed, and then urged, "so you must write your paper and submit it as soon as possible, okay?"

An Yan nodded obediently, "I know."

After saying this, Zhang Cheng took the high quality potion he had just made. "This potion is for you."

An Yan was a little confused. "But I didn't make this potion."

He had been holding the two potions he had made.

The other professor also took out the potions he had made and said, in a sincere manner, "Without your ideas and guidance, it would have been impossible for the two of us to produce high quality potions with this kind of data, so these two potions should be given to you."

Zhang Cheng added, "And we are already grateful that you were able to explain to us such a concept and gave us the opportunity to put it into practice."

An Yan's heart warmed, but he shook his head and refused, "Since you made these potions, they rightfully belong to you. I will not take them. Besides, I willingly told you guys about this concept, so the two professors don't need to be so polite. "

The professor, however, directly put the potion in An Yan's hand and said, "That won't do. You should be given what you deserve. In addition, how can you take advantage of a student as a professor? " 

An Yan looked down at the potion and he couldn't help but smile softly. Then he said, with false embarrassment, "I know the two professors mean well, but actually...I have too many highquality potions on hand, so these two really don't mean much to me."

Zhang Cheng and his colleague: "...." They felt like they were disliked by the freshman, but they could not refute what he said.

An Yan handed the potion bottles back to the professors, "So please take these two potions. I have to go eat, so I'll leave now. Goodbye. "

With that, An Yan waved at the two and turned around to leave the lab.

Zhang Cheng and his colleague looked at each other, and both saw the emotions of gratitude and sentiment in each other’s eyes.

The first thing An Yan saw when he walked out of the lab was Cheng Yi standing at the door. He was about to say hello when he saw a circle of his classmates standing behind him.

There was obvious excitement when they saw An Yan coming out. They seemed to want to go forward and greet him, but they were afraid of something and did not dare to go forward.

On the contrary, Cheng Yi walked over the moment he saw An Yan. "Yan Yan, let's go eat together. There's a hot pot restaurant near the college that has good food."

"Where's Yang Yang?" An Yan was looking around, looking for Cheng Yang's figure.

There were so many of his classmates. It didn't make sense that Cheng Yang wasn't there.

Cheng Yi thought of his brother, who was already heading to the canteen alone after his threats and said with a natural expression, "He said he wanted to eat at the canteen, and has already gone there."

"In that case, let's go." Although it was quite regrettable that Yang Yang couldn't join them in eating delicious hot pot together, since he wanted to go to the canteen, they’ll wait until next time to go to the hot pot together.

With this in mind, An Yan was about to go to eat with Cheng Yi when he turned his head and saw the gleaming, eager eyes of his classmates.

He was taken aback and hesitantly asked, "Is there something you guys want to talk to me about?"

The students nodded desperately in their hearts, but once they met Cheng Yi’s cold gaze, they all shook their heads in unison, "No, we just happened to be passing by. You should go for lunch with Senior Cheng Yi."

Although they really wanted to immediately chat with An Yan about those high quality potions with unbelievable data, it was better to keep their little lives first.

With everyone's collective cooperation, An Yan and Cheng Yi went to have a delicious hot pot restaurant together.

After returning to the college, An Yan did not go straight to his dormitory but followed Cheng Yi to his flat. They needed to discuss the morning's events.

After carefully describing what had happened, An Yan sought his opinion, "Is it okay if I do this? Would there be any problems?"

Cheng Yi's heart overflowed with tenderness as he looked at the little one's big eyes filled with apprehension. He smiled and gave his face a gentle squeeze, "It's fine if you do that. There won't be any problems." 

An Yan instantly breathed a sigh of relief, "That's good. Even you said that I could make high quality potions in public and even prepared an explanation for me, I was still inevitably worried."

Cheng Yi said seriously and intently, "Don't worry, I will protect you."

An Yan gave him a bright smile and said, "Thank you, senior."

Although An Yan might not have realized his feelings yet, he was indeed becoming more trusting and dependent on Cheng Yi.

Even when Cheng Yi said, "I will protect you," An Yan did not feel that there was anything wrong with it, and naturally responded in gratitude.

Cheng Yi naturally noticed this, and his heart warmed slightly. He did not dare to directly point it out, fearing that the timing was not ripe enough and would instead scare the little one away.

After discussing this matter, Cheng Yi then brought up another: "I want to invite you to my house this weekend. Is it okay?"

An Yan didn't respond for a moment and said blankly, "I'm definitely going to your house on the weekend."

Cheng Yi explained, "Not in hamster form, but as a guest in human form."

"Oh," An Yan nodded in understanding, and then asked, "But if that happens, won't I be unable to go to your house in my hamster form? In that case, Auntie would be worried, right?"

“I've already spoken to mother.  I told her I was leaving the little hamster in the care of a friend, so you don't have to worry about that. " Cheng Yi said.

An Yan immediately smiled and nodded, "That's good. I've never had a formal visit at your house in human form before." 

At the same time, An Yan was already thinking about what gifts he would prepare. After all, Cheng Yi would always bring many expensive gifts when he visited his home.

An Yan continues thinking about this after leaving Cheng Yi's flat. So he was caught off guard when he walked into the first classroom in the afternoon. He was suddenly surrounded by many students, and he was a bit confused for a while.

An Yan was taken aback and asked, "What's wrong with you... guys?"

The group welcomed An Yan into the classroom and waited for him to sit down before they opened their mouths.

"An Yan, you're simply amazing! To create a high quality potion with such unbelievable statistics… is simply incredible! "

"And you actually didn't even use the potion’s spiritual power? How on earth did you do that?!"

"That's a whole 108-day duration of effectiveness, and the side effects are only 10 seconds of mild night sweats. I could not even believe it!"

“An Yan, are you going to sell this potion? I'm willing to pay a high price for it! Please give me a chance to spend my money! "

"You're so cunning. We haven't even gotten to that yet, and you want to get ahead of the game! An Yan, I want to buy it too... "

"Am I the only one who is concerned about the matter of Zhao Xinxin being slapped in the face? It's simply too enjoyable, isn't it? "

 “Zhao Xinxin's character is really bad. I thought she must be remorseful after the previous incident, but who knew that she hadn't change. Instead, she intensified her efforts to set up An Yan! It's really too much! "

"Luckily, An Yan's potion making skills are much better than hers, otherwise her plot might really have succeeded!"

"That's why you can't be a bad person. If you do something bad, you will definitely be punished. Look at what happened to her in the end, it's fun to watch!"


 So half of the group surrounding An Yan was discussing the high quality potion he had made, while the other half was talking about Zhao Xinxin.

An Yan was surrounded in the middle, with voices coming from both sides, and for a while, he was unable to hear what these people were saying at all.

When everyone's enthusiasm had cooled down by a notch, An Yan then said, "That... can you guys talk one by one? I can’t hear you clearly. "

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