The Only Normal Human In The Universe Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

An Yan rubbed his nose sheepishly, "This is just my personal idea, I don't know if it's right or not yet."

"It's right, your idea is indeed correct." Zhang Cheng couldn't help but recall An Yan's actions in the entrance exam.

At that time, he thought that An Yan's operations were simply ignorant, and that he didn’t have the most basic knowledge for making body potions.

But now, looking back, he realized that it wasn't An Yan's actions that were wrong, but rather, his cognition and eyesight were too narrow to see the essence of it.

Thinking about this, Zhang Cheng couldn't help but say, "An Yan, in fact ...... I was your invigilator when you took the entrance exam. I had some misunderstandings when I saw your operation at that time. I am really sorry."

"Professor Zhang is being too serious." He didn't expect Zhang Cheng to bring up this matter, and even taking the initiative to apologize. An Yan's feelings towards him were much better.

The other professor was rubbing his hands together and asked impatiently, "Then An Yan, do you mind if we use the method you proposed to conduct some experiments on making body potions?"

He also knew that what he was asking was too much. After all, An Yan was most likely the first person to come up with such a theory.

If this theory could really be transformed into reality, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it would change the status quo of the entire pharmaceutical industry, in which case, An Yan himself would inevitably gain immense honor and benefit.

In such circumstances, it was very offensive for them to propose the inclusion of such an idea into the experiment.

But prompted by the excitement, he couldn’t care less.

An Yan nodded without hesitation: "Of course you can, but the two professors need to control their emotional state when making the potion. It is best not to have any rejection of the animal traits, otherwise it might affect the potion's effect."

Seeing that An Yan not only agreed to this rude request, but even took the initiative to state some precautions, the two men were surprised and their goodwill towards An Yan increased by a few points.

The professor said excitedly, "Thank you so much!"

Zhang Cheng, on the other hand, kindly reminded, "An Yan, I suggest that you prepare a paper on this concept and submit it to the Institute of Body Potions as soon as possible."

If An Yan's own attitude was to remain hidden, Zhang Cheng would not have said much.

But judging from his current attitude, it was clear that he did not mind informing others about this matter. In this case, it was certainly more reliable to release this idea as soon as possible.

He could guarantee his and his colleague’s character, but there was no guarantee that others who learn of the idea would not be greedy and take it for themselves.

It was true that An Yan had hidden it before, but not out of selfishness, but to ensure his own safety.

But now that it was out, there was no need to continue hiding it. An Yan immediately nodded to Zhang Cheng gratefully, "I understand, thank you Professor Zhang."

Next was time for the two professors to experiment.

They invited An Yan into their lab, turned off the lab's monitoring system, and then launched the first experiment.

Zhang Cheng and his colleague argued for awhile to get the right to conduct the first experiment. They finally decided the order in which the two would conduct the experiment by using rock-paper-scissors.

Zhang Cheng won the right to conduct the experiment first, and his colleague grunted, "The first experiment may not necessarily be successful. Just think of it as you accumulating experience for me through your failures."

Zhang Cheng seemed to smile graciously, but actually sprayed him directly, "You're right. But I'm afraid that some people will still continue to fail in my accumulation of experience."

An Yan: "......" These two professors looked didn’t look young, why were they still acting like two children?

But once the experiment started, the two became serious.

Zhang Cheng looked nervous: "The first step should be the same as usual, right? Are there any precautions?"

An Yan nodded, "The operation is the same. It is only when you fuse your spiritual power with the potion ingredients that you need to pay attention to your personal emotions and state."

Zhang Cheng took a deep breath and finally started the potion making.

The remaining two people consciously kept absolute silence and did not make any noise that would disturb him.

Nearly half an hour later, a potion that had one of the steps abbreviated was successfully made.

Zhang Cheng carefully examined the potion after bottling it. After so many years, he once again experienced the same caution and anticipation he felt when he first made a potion.

An Yan was also a little nervous. All the potions he had made were high quality potions mostly due to his spiritual power.

So it was really hard for him to be determine what the effect would be on the potion Zhang Cheng had made following such a method.

The situation would be very awkward if he ended up making a discarded potion. Not only awkward but also difficult to explain.

So for a while, neither Zhang Cheng nor An Yan said anything. It was the remaining professor who couldn't help but rub his hands together and urge, "Since the potion has been made, let's quickly take it for testing."

Only then did Zhang Cheng walked to the testing instrument and put the potion bottle in with determination.

The one minute of testing time seemed to be very long to Zhang Cheng.

He recalled all his experiences in making potions over the years in a trance. He remembered the ambition he had when he was determined to learn potion making.

At that time, he entered this major with the idea of improving body potions so that everyone could regain their normal human form without any side effects.

But as he studied systematically, his mind became more and more restricted. He would extinguish even the new idea or two that would occasionally emerge.

Such ideas were contrary to theoretical knowledge, so they are definitely out of the question!

It would be too difficult to implement, so let's forget it.

At that time, he did not even think of conducting one or two experiments for basic verification, and easily extinguished all his ideas and possibilities.

Looking back, Zhang Cheng felt regretful.


A crisp sound interrupted Zhang Cheng's memories and brought back the tension and anticipation in his heart.

He couldn't help but feel excited even though the idea hadn't come from him. With his own eyes, he had seen a young man, who was not limited by fixed theoretical knowledge as he was, come up with a brand new possibility.

Zhang Cheng wanted to reach out and take the test results out, but found that his hand was trembling slightly. He quickly retracted it.

The other professor saw him hesitate to move, and he simply reached out to take out the test results. His eyes instantly widened and his expression looked incredibly complicated on reading the results.

An Yan couldn't help but become even more nervous: "Professor, what are the potion test results ......?"

He was originally going to ask if the results were bad, but it would have been impolite.

The professor stared at An Yan and said in an agitated tone, "Look for yourself!"

An Yan was taken aback and carefully took the test results.

Potion Grade: High quality generic body potion.

Potion's range of action: No limit to who can use it.

Duration of effectiveness: 13 days.

Side effects: 10 minutes of slight night sweats.

An Yan's eyes glazed over. The potions he made before had an effectiveness of 93 days and 108 days, but the one Professor Zhang made had an effectiveness of only 13 days.

And the difference in the side effects seemed to be a bit too much.

In the face of such a huge difference, would they notice something wrong?

How should I explain myself when the time comes?

Just as An Yan was feeling nervous and overwhelmed by this problem, he heard the professor suddenly burst out with an excited shout: "Surprisingly, it's a high quality potion! A high quality potion was really made!"

Zhang Cheng also glanced at the test results at this time, and his reaction was even more exaggerated than the remaining two: "It…really worked ......"

This young man's concept was indeed correct!

But after the excitement, he couldn't help but feel the overwhelming irony.

Humans had been racking their brains and researching on how to increase the effectiveness of the body potions, as well as reduce the side effects that were so huge that humans simply could not accept them.

However, they never expected that the easiest way to solve these issues would be to remove the step of adding the potion's spiritual power, that they considered essential.

An Yan couldn't help but sigh with relief on seeing that they were focused on the potion’s grade. But before he was completely relieved, he heard the professor suddenly let out a "Huh": "The effectiveness of this potion is 13 days, but I remember that the potions An Yan made have an effectiveness of 93 days and 108 days. That's too much of a difference, isn't it?"

An Yan immediately held his breath. It was over, they had found out!

Zhang Cheng snapped back from his emotions. He found more problems after a brief comparison: "It's not just the duration of effectiveness, the figures on the side effects are also much different. The ones An Yan produced had 20 seconds of slight thirst and the other was 10 seconds of slight dizziness, while mine is 10 minutes of slight night sweats."

An Yan subconsciously held his breath. What to do? What to do? What should I do now!

Just as An Yan's heart was so tense that he was tempted to flee immediately, he heard Zhang Cheng sigh rather sadly, "Sure enough, I still haven't mastered the essence of making a body potion with this method."

His colleague echoed, "That's normal, after all, we've been too deeply influenced by the previous philosophy."

An Yan: "???" What is this?

Zhang Cheng added, "And apart from the ability to comprehend and penetrate new ideas, a pharmacist's talent is also very important. It can be seen that An Yan's talent is indeed very good."

The colleague continued to concur, "Yes, yes, if his talent wasn't good enough, I don't think he would have come up with such groundbreaking new ideas."

An Yan: "......" Thank you for finding the right excuses for me. In that case, I'll just happily use them.

"Thank you professors for your praise. I will work harder." An Yan bowed his head slightly and said in a polite yet modest manner.

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