RHMPE Chapter 1: A strange place


Clothes and socks were strewn on the floor in the gloomy room, and there was a rancid odor in the air.

In the only bright spot in the room, the sound of keyboard crackling can be heard from a man playing a computer.

“Damn, this is so boring, I don’t know what to play in the future.” Zhong Yu said.

He finally cleared the levels of New Three Kingdoms XIII by Glorious. They have improved the art and display a lot, there are also more cities, and the hero’s gameplay has also gotten more interesting. There are far too few cities; even though they added some, there are only a few dozen. Compared with the Nobunaga’s Ambition series, also by Glorious, there are far too few cities and it is so much easier to unify. It would be fantastic if there were hundreds of cities. Zhong Yu muttered.

Some great god in the darkness overheard the man’s self-talk, but Zhong Yu didn’t notice what was happening. The Three Kingdoms icon on the computer transformed into a ray of light and shot at Zhong Yu’s forehead. A black whirlpool appeared behind Zhong Yu. The surrounding area appeared to be ripped apart. Zhong Yu, who became extremely confused at what was happening, had not yet reacted, got sucked into the whirlpool by a tremendous force.

Greenery abounds in the never-ending forest. There were insect, bird, and wild animal howls from time to time, and one of the clear creeks flowed slowly and hummed. There was a groan near the river, and looking around, it appeared to be a human body lying on the river.

Zhong Yu laboriously opened his eyes, and there was a faint pain throughout his body, but this made his somewhat chaotic mind become sober. He could not help but feel surprised as he struggled to stand up and look around. All around me, I saw forests that modern industry, and a creek that was clear to the bottom, with a few fish swimming happily had not polluted.

Where exactly is this location? What am I doing here? Zhong Yu could not help but wonder about these things in his heart. Making his brain work in overdrive, Zhong Yu started recalling what had happened before. I faintly remembered playing Three Kingdoms, then suddenly, a light flashed on the computer, and I fell into a coma before waking up here. What happened? What is that light? What am I doing here? This doesn’t seem like a joke. I am just an average otaku, and I have little money. Who would play such a prank on me? The kidnappers shouldn’t be so stupid as to come up with a target like me...

He shook his head vigorously before settling down. He thought about his current situation.

I’m not in China, based on the surrounding environment. This kind of pollution-free environment, devoid of human traces, has long vanished in China. There might be places like this in the other parts of the world, but I don’t think anyone is capable of bringing a living person like me out of the country, and they probably won’t target me even if they have the capability. Zhong Yu had a speculation in his heart.

But now is not the time to ponder these questions; I should start walking around to check if there are any people around, and to ask about where I am.

Zhong Yu strolled alongside the river, next to the woods. I should be able to get out of this forest by walking along this river. He thought.

The road zigzagged through the forest, and while walking through it, Zhong Yu took in the beautiful scenery along the river. There are no beautiful sceneries like this in modern times. It is only visible on television after special editing and beautification, but it is all on television. It’s all fabricated. But now, it is such a blessing that I can see it for myself!

The breath of nature entered Zhong Yu’s heart, making him feel more at ease than when he was brought here unprepared.

He walked happily and could not help but hum a few tones. To him, this seemed quite a leisurely rural life.

Zhong Yu’s mind, however, kept flashing inexplicable thoughts, as if trying to figure out why he was here, his brows slowly frowning. Could it be that I got teleported? I’ve never heard of such a location on the planet.

A wolf howl pierced Zhong Yu’s ear just as he was thinking about it.

He immediately started trembling, and when he turned around, he saw a wolf with the height of half a human staring at him with green eyes. His feet became soft.

But his desire for life eventually triumphed over his fear of wolves, and his legs flew forward. The wild wolf quickly followed, and in a panic, they fled through the nearby woods. The wild wolf pursued, only ten steps away from Zhong Yu, five steps, three steps, one step, and overtaken. His fear and powerlessness erupted in his heart, and his entire body trembled. The sharp wolf's claws slashed through his body, and the short sleeves Zhong Yu had purchased for dozens of dollars could not effectively stop the wolf's claws. Immediately, a few bloodstains can be seen. It ripped a large piece of his muscles off, and the blood fell to the ground.

(Translator’s note: It didn’t explicitly state “muscles” but just “meat” in the raws, but I felt “muscles” might be more fitting)

Pain, uncontrollable pain in his body, finally caused him to howl aloud. Zhong Yu wanted to stop and roll, but he knew he could not because stopping would mean death. I diverted my attention, cursing the wolf with my mouth and viciously in my heart, but my feet did not stop; I ran forward quickly, rolled a few times, and avoided the wolf’s pounce. And a trace of cruelty flashed in the eyes of the wolf behind, who, watching the prey in front hurriedly run around, could not help but be a little playful in his heart. It didn’t bother speeding up to its prey, but slowly walked up so it can enjoy the feeling of brutally ripping the prey apart and have a better appetite.

Zhong Yu’s mind was jumbled and the pain in his body reminded him that danger was closing in behind him. What should I do if he does not come up with a solution quickly? What should I do? How am I going to save myself? Suddenly, he noticed a cliff in front of him.

Is there no other option? Is this beast going to eat me? Zhong Yu wandered along the cliff’s edge. Scattered eyes scanned the edge. Suddenly, he saw a paint of green in front of him, and he saw a tree trunk below. Is that my way out? Zhong Yu had an epiphany about a way to save himself.

The wolf slowly walked up and forced Zhong Yu to the cliff’s edge. Zhong Yu was staggering around the edge of the cliff, as if he was looking for a way out. The wolf’s eyes twinkled with excitement as he watched the prey anxiously looking for a way out, only to discover that he was at a dead end. That sensation caused the wolf’s entire body to tremble with excitement, and the wolf’s hairs to stand on end.

“You bastard, even if I fall to death and fall off the cliff, I won’t become your prey.” Zhong Yu snarled at the wolf in front of him.

The wolf in front of him seemed to understand what Zhong Yu said. The wolf’s eyes flashed with rage a few times before rushing to Zhong Yu, who immediately ran forward and jumped off the cliff.

Then, seeing that Zhong Yu appeared to jump off the cliff, the wolf increased his speed. He was getting close to that damn human being, and he was about to rip it apart and swallow it.

They were only one step away, and Zhong Yu jumped off the cliff right in time, grasped the trunk, and survived. The wolf could not stop his momentum and jumped down as well. He, on the other hand, was not so fortunate. The four claws could not grab the tree trunk, but the two front wolf's claws did, and they made the deep claw marks on the tree trunk. Underneath, the two hind legs kicked indiscriminately. It hung in the air with fearful looks in its eyes. Finally, seeing the wolf’s fearful expression, the pleasure of vengeance flashed through Zhong Yu’s mind several times. You wanted to eat me, and now you are going to die. I will not let you off that easily, Zhong Yu thought as he crawled over slowly. His feet moved slowly towards the wolf’s front paws while standing on top of the wolf’s head. The wolf’s eyes were filled with terror. He seemed to know what was going to happen next, and several sobs escaped his lips. Zhong Yu looked at the wolf’s pleading eyes, as if begging himself not to step on it. Finally, looking into its blue eyes, he pushed the wolf off the tree. The wolf fell off the cliff with a loud wail and became a lump of meat on the ground.

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