LoTMR Chapter - 8

Chapter 8 Information Exchange (Part 2)

This time it was Mr.Magic's turn to interrupt the others as she took a breath backwards, "The Orthodox Church divides supernatural items into Series A [Mysterious objects], Series B [Transcendent objects] and Series C [Enchantments], this time there might actually be [Enchantments]?"

"Yes, I heard this news from another gathering, so I'm not sure."

"Madam, [Enchantments] are items that can enchant the graced’s abilities while immersed in their own spirituality, except for obtaining it through [Mysterious Realms], they can only be obtained by purifying [Mysterious Objects] ......"

Jenkins was given another piece of information, and as he listened, he mentally thanked Mr. Magic who had put things so thoroughly. Thinking of the candle that was clenched and sticky in his hand, he had a sudden thought and moved the cold stream of air just now and moved it into his hand.

The candle was gone from his touch, but it was as if there was something more in his body. And a sketchy pattern of candles slowly appeared next to the dots of light and bubbles in front of him.

"It's my turn."

Mr. Black Cat was next.

"Nolan Council intends to upgrade the infrastructure of the Aediran district in the near future, with a focus on achieving steam pipes to reach every household."

Huh? This one had a different type of information!

"Any information as long as its valuable or a secret is fine"

Mr. Hood explained in a whisper, and Jenkins nodded. Again, the shadows on the ground remained motionless.

Finally, there was Mr. Birchwood

"I have not obtained any valuable information, so I owe this one for now, two for next time."

No one else had anything to comment.

The crowd then looked to Jenkins, only the hood's orientation changed, of course.

"Anything will work?"

He asked.

"Yes, anything of value will do. If the matter concerns the graced, then it can be a little more lenient."

Jenkins nodded, and with a turn of mind, spoke.

"On my way here tonight, I saw a giant octopus chasing two men."

This piece of news was actually allowed, and Mr. Magic said in a somewhat worried shrill voice, "It's appeared again, our gatherings have been less frequent these days, and God knows who might encounter it."





The four replied in turn, while Jenkins understood that it was not the first time the octopus appeared.

"The exchange of information is over, and it's time to trade. Does anyone need anything, or want to offer anything?"

Mr. Hood said, who seemed to be the host of this gathering.

"I want to know what type of ability the purple ability is !"

Mr. Magic spoke impatiently as the hood turned to Jenkins.

"What can you give?"

He asked rhetorically, while in his mind he was expecting to get a supernatural item. And after standing for so long, his feet seemed to be a little numb, the original owner's body was not really in good shape..

"I don't have any money, and this information of yours isn't worth an item,you can ask me for a piece of information."

Jenkins felt that it was unfortunate,but he agreed.

The two stepped aside, one after the other, to make sure the other four couldn't hear them before Jenkins asked.

"I've just come to Nolan so I'm not sure what's going on here and I want to know about that big octopus."

"No problem, and as a sign of good faith, I'll go first. That octopus is a big problem faced by  the Orthodox Church at the moment. It has been appearing in downtown Nolan every night at ten o'clock sharp since two months ago, but only those within ten metres of where it appears can see it."

"An illusion?"

Jenkins asked.

"No, that's not exactly right. For the average citizen, as long as they don't see it, it won't have any effect. But to those unlucky enough to appear within ten metres of it, the giant monster is real. Did you just see it destroying the city?"

"Yes," Jenkins immediately agreed, remembering the scene as similar to the Ultraman set,except that Ultraman was missing.

"If you wander around Nolan City right now, you'll see that nothing happened."

"But I saw the unlucky ones being chased getting really hurt by the debris."

And the unlucky guy was me ......

"Yes, it's so-called seeing is real and not seeing is an illusion. It took a dramatic increase in the number of missing people at night in recent months for the church to finally take notice of it, but it's actually been mentioned in our gatherings for a long time now. All five orthodox churches in Nolan City have sent out men to step up their patrols, with the Scribe Squad, the Nightwatch Squad, the Pilot Squad, the Gravekeeper Squad and the Astrologer Squad all out in force. In the end it was a daredevil newcomer from the [Universal Star] Church who went astray during his patrol before encountering that octopus for the first time."

"Judging from the names, the Scribe, Nightwatch, Navigator, Gravekeeper and Astrologer should belong to the rightful gods [Inherited Sage] [Lightless Moon] [Storm Lord] [Death's End] [Universal Starry Night] respectively.

Jenkins thought silently that the calendar of this world still had twelve months in a year, and each month corresponded to a corresponding god, for example, it was now July, which belonged to the [Fate Hermit], hence July was also known as the [Month of the Fate Hermit and the Thunderstorm], with the Thunderstorm referring to summer.

"Why did that octopus appear, I mean, it couldn't be a natural phenomenon, could it?"

Jenkins asked again.

"Its appearance has to do with the [Mysterious Realm]. You should know that if the Mysterious Realm disintegrates naturally without anyone passing through it, there is a chance that something inside could fall into our world. The Tricky Realm is already a bizarre and incomparable existence, and once the items inside appear to us in this way, they are bound to undergo even stranger changes ......"

"That is, [Mysterious objects]." Jenkins added in his mind,he didn't have a proof , but that should be it.

That was all Miss Magic knew, and Jenkins spelled out his answer, "Purple is the colour of fate."

"Fate? Yes, so that’s how it is ......"

Back in the crowd, the next trade was nothing too new, mostly plants, minerals or parts of some creature that Jenkins had never heard the name of. Mr. Magic, for example, was begging for the third body of the Human Blood Centipede, and Mr. Hood was hoping to buy some pure silver blessed by the Church [of All Creation and Nature].

The latter was not easy, as there was no church in Nolan, and Mr. Hood hoped that Mr. Candle, an outsider, would be able to provide some, but he was disappointed again.

It was only through their conversation that Jenkins learnt that there was a limit to the number of powers an enchanter could have, which was related to the number of bubbles in front of him, and the number of bubbles was related to the so-called rank. Everyone was the same in this respect, so it was important to pick the right abilities to go with as many as possible.

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