Daddy's cub is three and half years old: chapter 5.1


 Jiang Zhile didn't know that his daughter had already arranged the future for him.

    He used two copper plates to ride the bullock cart to the town, and the old man driving the cart waved his hand, "This villager, for the sake of Ranran, will not charge money."

    Jiang Zhile was stunned for a moment. He used to collect copper plates, but now he doesn't. It's nothing more than the division of houses.

    He is a big man with hands and feets, and Old Man Sun is definitely not worried about him, he must be concerned about Ran Ran.

    Jiang Zhile is inexplicably complicated when outsiders care about his daughter in this way.

    Old man Sun was talking to Jiang Zhile while he was in the car, "Yesterday was Ran Ran's birthday . Yesterday, I picked up the job and went to town without time to see Ran Ran. You bring this ribbons to her."

    Jiang Zhile's mood is more complicated.

    Was it Ran Ran's birthday yesterday? He forgot, why didn't Ran Ran say?

    When the bullock cart arrived at the bazaar, Jiang Zhile collected the head ribbons, left two more copper plates on the cart, and got out of the cart.

    Jiang Zhile first went to the bookstore to send the two copied books. Zhang Guanshi and Jiang Zhile had been cooperating for a long time, and they received the book and settled the money with a smile.

    "There are two original books in the bookstore this time, do you want to copy?" Manager Zhang asked.

    Jiang Zhile's eyes lit up, thinking of the broken house at home, and shook his head, "I won't copy this time, can I copy it next time?"

    "Okay, it's okay at any time, and you don't need to charge your deposit." Guan Shi knows that the master's family has taken a fancy to Jiang Zhile, and he has a good vision, and is willing to invest in scholars to give a little favor.

    Such forgiveness made Jiang Zhile's excitement disappear.  With a little regret in his heart, Jiang Zhile sold the wooden figure that took more than ten days to carve to Zhenbao Pavilion.

    Daozi Village is located near the border between Dongyao Kingdom and Lansang Kingdom. After a war a dozen years ago, the two countries agreed to an agreement of no war for 20 years.

    Because the people on the border are very common, the atmosphere is open, and get along more harmoniously and inclusively.

    Jiang Zhile’s wood carvings can’t be sold at much high prices. Compared with copying books, they are a little bit higher. The two copying books and wood carvings are a tael worth of silver. It takes a long time to copy books and wood carvings. The price at Daohua Village is high. A profitable business.

    He went to the coffin shop and paid a couple of silver to settle the balance. The owner of the coffin shop promised to send the tombstone over the next day.

    A group of soldiers holding big knives, stopped at the coffin shop, and threw the portrait for the leader. The portrait floated in front of the boss, "Have you seen this person?"

    The owner of the coffin shop turned pale, "Sir, no one."

    The leader raised his hand, "Search!" The soldiers from behind rushed in to open the coffin one by one, and some knocked on the coffin with a knife handle to check the mezzanine.

    Jiang Zhile, who was about to leave, was also stopped and questioned, "Have you seen this person?"

    Jiang Zhile glanced roughly, his face down with a panic, his shoulders lowered in a panic, "The official officer, I only ordered a tombstone, my mother has been there for a few years, but hasn't had a tombstone for a long time..."

    The leader waved his hand impatiently, "Throw out the irrelevant."

    After going out, the expression on Jiang Zhile's face changed instantly. He had the habit of reading the Dibao. Three months ago, the first emperor passed away and the emperor's younger brother took the throne. The change of the emperor's throne is likely to be a bloody storm. This is exactly the opportunity for the new emperor to employ people.

    The last time he took a gamble was not bad, but now he will wait for an year before participating in the township examination. The court is estimated to be stable, and I won't become the cannon fodder between the old imperial party and the new faction.

    After Ran Ran returned home, she turned around and found that Daddy hadn't come back yet, sitting on the wooden bed with her chin and thinking seriously.

    Why are you the poorest?

    Raising chickens has eggs, there are eggs for selling money, raising pigs has meat, pork is valuable, and farming also has food to eat...

    When Ran Ran couldn't think of it, the screen turned on with a "shoo", and the little girl's eyes lit up immediately.

    The system said to Ran Ran: [Ran Ran, this time this uncle opened a live broadcast for you, and next time you want to open a live broadcast, you have to think in your heart, if you start the live broadcast, this bright thing will come out, understand? ]

    Ran Ran nodded: "Understood, thank you Uncle System."

    The system that had been waiting for Ran Ran to start the live broadcast sighed. After taking so many hosts, I always forgot that Ran Ran was a child and forgot to remind me before.

    [Where's scumbag? Is Daddy not here? ]

    [he Left Ran Ran at home alone again? ]

    Knowing that Ran Ran can't read the words, the audience watching the live broadcast has no scruples about the barrage.

    The system saw Ran Ran staring at the barrage curiously, and gently said to her: "Ran Ran, if you don't understand, you can ask your brother and sister a question every day, click on this little white cloud, and you can talk."

    Ran Ran nodded earnestly, "Thank you Uncle System, Ran Ran will meet."

    The live broadcast room suddenly went crazy.

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