I have a 'harmony' halo
Arc 4 Chapter 1

Translated by Rau

**** Translator: Hey. I'm back. Missed you guys. I just graduated from school and jobless. So i will translate as much as possible while i'm free. There was huge confusion in this arc. The author had done some clarification for the reader, but well.... you can read below. I tried to translate to make sense, but even the author unsure if they make sense.

When he returned from Lu Mingyuan's world. Mo Fan was dazed and couldn't recover. This was the first time he had stayed in a world for a long time. So long, that he watched a person go from youth to middle age, the hair turned white and died of old age.

At the last moment of his life, Lu Mingyuan lay on the hospital bed, holding tightly on to Mo Fan's hand, unwilling to let go. His life was long yet was so short. In a blink of an eye, he was about to leave this man.

"Xiao Fan," Lu Mingyuan's voice was hard no longer the sweet sound of youth, "Have you ever liked me?"

Lu Mingyuan had always known that Mo Fan was simply accompanying him. Although he didn't know why Mo Fan didn't search for the person he often reminisces, Lu Mingyuan was contented. As long as Mo Fan stayed with him until he grew old, nothing else mattered.

At the last moment of his life, The first thing that came to Lu Mingyuan's mind was a trace of unreasonable demands. He felt satisfied with the intimacy, but he always had regrets. He had hoped that Mo Fan would also fall in love with him, even if it was not 'love', it was good enough to like him.

Two withered hands clasped together. From Lu MIingyuan's aged face, Mo Fan saw a trace of the man's former strength and vigour. Tightening his palm, Mo Fan stared into the man's eyes and spoke seriously," If I could meet you in the next world, I will try to like you."

The man expose a trace of a smile, his eyes were deep and filled with love,"....good."

Mo Fan watched as Lu Mingyuan's eyes gradually closed and leave the world.

"Wow, Fanfan the world has given an abundant amount of power."

The system exclaims. While Mo Fan obtained the power, the system would obtain 1% of it simultaneously. Although it is only 1%, it was enough for the system to keep running. This time, the energy was enough to support it through several worlds.

Mo Fan concentrated on absorbing and digesting the gentle and concentrated energy into his soul. The soul has turn more distinctively. He could faintly see the outline of his facial featured.

"Fanfan, do you want to to to the next world right away?"


Mo Fan's face twisted his face slightly as he read the plot. Just because he was cold and heartless doesn't mean he is fond of abusing others.

According to the characterizing surrounding the entire plot, the protagonist's identity is obvious. The original owner's identity is somewhat special. He is the male protagonist's father, but the two are not father and son, but the product left after Mo's father was put on a green hat (Cheated on).

The protagonist was three years old when his mother left him and was raised by his father. However, when the protagonist was in middle school, during a medical checkup, it was revealed that Mo Wei was not his father's biological son.

As a result, Mo's father decisively abandoned him in order to not bare the burden.

After Mo's Father's wife left him, he was drunk and abusive. After knowing the truth, Father Mo did not suppress his violent tendencies. Every day when he came home and saw Mo Wei, he would start hitting and yelling.

Father Mo doesn't like to study as a child and become a gangster as a teenager. He was a true ruffian. Mo Wei was the product of his young impulse when he was 16.

From then on, the original owner would often scold Mo Wei. Mo Wei lived a life filled with suffering until the appearance of the female lead.

After graduating from junior high school and completing his nine-year compulsory education, Mo Wei had no choice but to work as a minor to earn a living. Since the day that his identity was known, he hadn't received a single penny from the original owner, and there wasn't a single meal for him to eat at home.

In Junior high school while other kids were arguing with their parent about the thing they liked, Mo Wei was already struggling to make ends meet for himself.

For an ordinary child, studying s the only way to break away from the situation. Mo Wei had to run around to prepare for his high school tuition and living expenses.

What can a middle school child do? If it weren't for the kind-hearted neighbour's grandmother who happened to see Mo Wei looking for food in the trash can one time and paid attention to it for several days, Mo Wei would have starved to death.

The neighbouring grandmother's family owned a small restaurant. She knows that Mo Wei was a well-behaved child and was very clear about Mo Wei's situation in the house. In a small town, where the smallest thing could cause a lot of trouble, it wasn't hard for her not to know.

The neighbouring grandmother took Mo Fan in, and every day, she would leave some of the leftover food from the restaurant for Mo Wei. Mo Wei insisted on helping out at the restaurant to help to eat the leftover food. The neighbouring grandmother consent helplessly. When the neighbouring grandmother found out that he was going to high school, she offered to pay him a salary and raise enough money for school.

When he went to high school, he and the female lead become classmates. Mo Wei's life experience made him gloomy, and his inadequate life circumstances cause him to look down in the dumps. The female lead was beautiful and kind, a goddess in the class. On the other hand, although he doesn't look bad, the way he dresses covered his outstanding appearance and makes him a marginal figure in the class.

But all of this doesn't stop Mo Wei from being top in class. Some student had attempt to get close to him due to his grades, but they were scared off by his cold attitude.

The turn of events happened in the second half of high school's sophomore semester. On the way home, Yu Lele, the heroine, witnessed Mo Wei being beaten and yelled at by a man on the road, but he didn't fight back. She gathered the nerve to berate the man. Upon asking, she found out that the man was Mo Wei's father.

After the incident, Yu Lele started to pay attention to Mo Wei's activity. When she found out that Mo Wei had no clothes to wear, she would give Mo Wei some of her old clothes that she had never worn. When she sees Mo Wei had cabbage steamed buns for lunch, she will bring food to Mo Wei.

Mo Wei's bitter experience yield to the heroine living in a well off family, created a strong sense of responsibility to cherished this feeling.

Slowly, Mo Wei was moved by the heroine's sincerity, and the heroine discovers Mo Wei's striking looks and falls in love with him. Their relationship became ambiguous, and eventually, they confirmed their relationship and went to the same university.

However, in their third year of high school, Mo Wei's biological father came to take the protagonist back, and the protagonist agreed. The protagonist didn't even have the time to say goodbye to the heroine. Two years later, they met in university, reunited, and officially for together.

Mo Fan's mouth twitched as he looked at the little radish head standing in front of him, staring at him anxiously.

"Dad, I'm hungry," Mo's father was a good looking man. Xu Weiya was an enchantingly beautiful woman, giving birth to a beautiful and delicate child that resembles a celestial child. The large eyes, long thick eyelashes and the baby's pink skin. It is so beautiful that it could melt one's heart.

Mo Fan's finger bent slightly, resisting the urge to rub that fleshy little face. At this moment, Xu Weiya had just left the two people's tiny nest. The small protagonist in front of him was completely unaware that he had lost his mother.

The child's eyes were watery and pitiful as he looked at him and softly called out," Dad." Mo Fan could not imagine how Mo Wei's gloomy and cold look was formed later on.

Sighing, Mo Fan resigned himself to the fate of picking up the little child on the floor, who was reaching out for a hug and head to the kitchen while holding on to the little child's fleshy buttocks.

The refrigerator, devoid of a mistress's care, was empty with a few vegetable leaves scattered about. Mo Fan took a quick glance and found a few eggs on the refrigerator door. Rummaging through the cupboard again, he found a tube of spaghetti intending to cook a bowl of noodles for later.

It was already 12 in the afternoon and by the time he got back from grocery shopping, they were both starving.

The child was very obedient and would be seated at one rather than running around all over the place. Mo Fan put the child in the safety seat and went into the kitchen to cook two bowls of egg noodles.

Green leafy vegetables floated on the pale soup, which was covered with a fried golden egg, making it an appetizing dish.

Mo Fan took two bites of noodles using chopsticks, and his heart was softened by the child's eager but cutely waiting look. Three years old could only eat with a spoon and not a chopstick, but unlike an ordinary child, he didn't grab something with his hand and eat it. Just wait for his 'father' to feed him after he finished eating.

Mo Fan then remembered that the child didn't know how to eat noodles, so he used his own chopsticks to lift a noodle out of the child's bowl and place it into the child's mouth. The child ate the noodles in small bites, yet his eyes remain on Mo Fan's face.

When Mo Fan saw that the child was eating quietly, he took a bite of his noodles as well. The child ate one noodle, Mo Fan ate a chopstick of noodles, and the two bowls of noodles were emptied by the two.

Mo Fan had looked up the original owner's card and there were still tens of thousands in it.

Xu Weiya had an intimate relation with the underworld big shot, Zhong Yu. The other party didn't need the money so when she left she didn't bring anything, including the money in the card.

It had bee two days since Xu Weiya left, and the house was in a mess with nobody to clean it up. Mo Fan simply cleaned it up and packed up everything that belongs to that person as trash. Leaving only his and the child's clothes and belongings. During the whole process, the child did not cry and even helped out with things and was incredibly sensible.

Sure enough, as a protagonist that was favor by the world, even if he was a child, he was more mature and thoughtful than the average child.
With the house in order, Mo Fan was finally satisfied and took the child out for some shopping.

The house where the original owner lived was left behind by the older generation. The outside looked a bit run-down, in an old residential area of the old city. There were small stores selling household goods, food, and a small vegetable market around it, but Mo Fan didn't plan to buy anything there.

Mo Fan hailed a cab and held the child in his arms , entering the cab. The child's tiny, soft hands wrap around Mo Fan's neck tightly, looking dependent.

After stopping at a mall, Mo Fan went into a supermarket. As he looked around at the boys and girls playing happily in the stroller, Mo Fan held the child in his arms and put him in the stroller, but the child struggled.

"What's wrong?"

"Dad, I don't want."

"Do you want dad to carry you?" Mo Fan's voice was gentle. The image of a beautiful young man coaxing a delicate and cute little boy has drawn many people's attention.

In the story, before Mo Wei went to school, the original owner was very fond of the protagonist. This was also why, later on, at the beginning of the original owner's abuse, Mo Wei had a longing for him. After knowing that his mother had left, Mo Wei, become very close to the 'father' who brought him up in his memory.

After growing up, he actually didn't want to kill the original owner and only wanted to teach him a lesson. But the original owner later was courting disaster so much that he assisted his rival to kidnap the heroine and pestered him. Provoking Mo Wei to break the last bit of kindness.

"Walk by myself."

"Good. Father will lead you."

Mo Fan spoke as he places the child in his arms down and let the child grasped his fingers in his tiny hand. Pushing the cart with one hand and walk towards the household goods area.

The child has short legs and walk slowly, so Mo Fan slows down the paced to match each other's rhythm. When buying something, he would ask a question about each item he took. The child's serious face nodded, making a strong contrast with his adorable appearance.

"Are they father and son?"

"What a cute child, the father looks so young."

"So cute, So loving."


Even though it was not a weekend, the downtown supermarket was crowded with people. Mo Fan was careful to protect the child beside him from being hit while purchasing items.

The system couldn't help but struggle," FanFan, you have a strong sense of subsitution." ( 系统忍不住纠结道,“凡凡,你代入感好强。”)

[Thinking of the protagonist who will grow up and looking at the protagonist as he is now. Don't you think it's funny?]

The system," Fanfan aren't you afraid that you won't be able to abuse the man in the future?"

[Do you think i will be reluctant?]

System:.... This question it's a little difficult.

The system looked at Mo Fan's gentle look. The light in his eyes as he teased the child from time to time, and wondered: Why do I think FanFan is raising a puppy?

The author has something to say:
In the first three worlds, the shou did not fall in love with the gong, although he missed him, but only because he was good to him.
There would be fondness in this world but not to the point of deep love. Only in the fifth world is there true love.

Read the title....i have a 'harmony' aura. Uncle=Dad
The change was done in a hurry, if there is a bug, please understand~
I've seen some readers say that the relationship is messy, so let me explain the original setting first.

The original owner was married to Xu Weiya, the mother of the main character, Mo Wei (also known as Gong), and later Xu Weiya couldn't stand the poor life and ran away with another man to be his lover.

The original owner married Xu Weiya because after drinking with her, Xu Weiya got pregnant. The original owner wanted to take responsibility for her and chose to marry her. But in fact, Xu Weiya was already pregnant, and they did not have sex.

The man who left with Xu Weiya was the father of the man, Mo Wei, a small big man. 

Then Mo Fan came over and raised the man.

But Su! Harmony says that you cannot pseudo-father and son! Thus, Mo Fan became the best friend of the man's father and raised the man!
 Jam! I don't know if you guys get it. There's nothing I can do if I don't understand the author
Rau has something to say: I was confused when I first read the chapter. In the original Mo Wei call Mo Fan 'Uncle' and part of the first half of the story, Mo Fan is Mo Wei's father's best friend. At the same time, Mo Fan discards Mo Wei for Mo Wei's mother cheating on him. So I decided to read the whole arc at once. (I loved it). To simplify, Mo Fan is Mo Wei's father, not blood-related. So I will translate it in a way that Mo Fan and Mo Wei are father and son. I may make a mistake during translating but keep this in mind.
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