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Cultivate Your Sister v1c3 part 1

Chapter 3 Internal and External Troubles

It wasn't until he came to a big bedroom that would bear the burden of his future daily life that Xing Yun finally realized one thing - this Martial Uncle seemed to have mistaken his gender.

Seeing her busy cleaning the room, Xing Yun finally decided to correct her wrong perception after thinking about it for a long while.

"Hmmm... Martial Uncle?"

Fairy Yun Xia didn't respond, just chopped a stone seat with the sharp kitchen knife.

"Hmm... Fairy Yun Xia?"

Obviously, Xing Yun realized that this name made Fairy Yun Xia's body stiff for a moment.

Recalling the name she gave when she introduced herself and sorted out his language, Xing Yun took a deep breath.

"Devastatingly beautiful, stunningly gorgeous, unworldly attractive, and shockingly elegant great beauty that everyone loves, Yun Xi-"

"Yes! I am here!"

Before I could even finish, Yun Xia jumped over and threw the kitchen knife away casually. But that thing was stabbed on the stone seat with extreme precision.

"Aww, you are so sweet! This elder sister, I like a sweet and cute little girl." From the interspatial pouch, she stuffed the three head-sized spirit stones into Xing Yun's arms. That smile really made Xing Yun almost fall for it, "Come, come, this is this elder sister’s allowance this month, you can have it all. Later on, you can buy some nice clothes for yourself."

After stuffing this, she felt that it was not enough, and while babbling about "so adorable", she also took out some flying swords, and a few small Calabashes that would make a rustling sound when they moved. If he was not wrong, it should be some pills for strengthening the body and helping with cultivation.

"Elder sister, I, I like you from the bottom of my heart since the moment I saw you. So cute! Come and take it all. Although you don't need it now, you can always use it in the future. I hope you won't mind that this elder sister is poor. This elder sister has given you everything that I have."

This fairy Yun Xia gave Xing Yun a feeling that she was a tough woman who had a screw loose in her head.
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Now, he felt that he could put a new label on the female Martial Uncle, a talking Gatling machine - not giving others a chance to speak at all.

Of course, these were not the main points. The main point was that Xing Yun had finally found an opportunity to state an objective fact.

"Er... beautiful Martial Uncle, I'm a man, male, the type that comes with a handle... not a little girl..."

"What did you say?!"

"I, I……"

Xing Yun subconsciously wanted to repeat what he said again, but when he looked up, he suddenly found that the face of this great beauty had become cold, and unknowingly, the kitchen knife had already returned to her hand. The buzzing sound it made was like a sword ringing.

In line with the idea that no matter how cute he looked he would change his gender, Xing Yun calmed down and said,

"I am a man……"


The crisp sound of his forehead being flicked reverberated in the big room. Feeling the burning pain on his forehead, a flame called anger slowly rose from the bottom of Xing Yun's heart.

However, before he could say anything, Fairy Yun Xia sighed heavily and pulled him to the bed to sit down.

"Xing Yun, do you know why I keep calling you little girl?" Fairy Yun Xia no longer acted like there was a screw loose in her head and her tone was full of seriousness.

After thinking about it seriously, Xing Yun shook his head.

He didn't dare to say if he looked like Fairy Yun Xia's illegitimate daughter, he would easily get into trouble if he said that...

After sighing again, Fairy Yun Xia straightened her back and showed her proud curve,  "Because, with a woman's identity, it will be easier to handle many things. Although gender has no use in the later stages of your cultivation journey, it is very useful for you now. "

"……use? Martial Uncle, are you pulling my leg..."

The clever little boy suddenly became dumb at this time, which made Fairy Yun Xia feel helpless. But it was also quite normal. After all, he was old enough now. So it was not surprising that he would have a little bit of pride.


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You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( ot a ku tl .bl og s po t . co m)

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