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WAO Chapter 458: The end of Guang Yang sect

Translated by: La0o9
Proofreader:  Arya

After so long, nothing in the sect could ever escape Wang Hong Dao’s control.

But now, a second Qi Yan appeared.

Thinking that, even a person like Wang Hong Dao started to feel fear.

He didn’t fear Qi Yan, he feared what he didn't know.

Because the unknown represented variables.

He didn’t know about them, and so he couldn’t control variables.

Wang Hong Dao instinctively reached behind and clenched the handle of his Blade.

He had a habit of putting his Blade behind his back.

That year, when he killed Tian Shan Ye, he had his Blade just like this.

After so many years, not too many people had managed to force him to draw his Blade.

During the last 500 years, Qi Ruo Ya was the only one to do so.

But Qi Ruo Ya is dead now.
I killed him with this Blade myself.

Wang Hong Dao clenched his Blade tightly, slowly calming his heart.

He began to think again.

There must be two Qi Yan.
This was the only answer.
Otherwise, the oath to heaven and earth couldn’t be explained.
How interesting.
Two Qi Yan…
Who is the real one?
If the first Qi Yan was fake, then it doesn’t make sense why he had the world coordinates.
If the second Qi Yan was fake, then how did he convince Ye Ying Mei? Only someone who knows Ye Ying Mei for so many years would understand what kind of person Ye Ying Mei is and knows how to persuade her.
Being under his control for so long, aside from Zhao Wu Chui and Qi Yan, Ye Ying Mei doesn’t have anyone else that could get so close to understand her to that degree.

After a while, Wang Hong Dao just gave up because he couldn’t make it out at all.

Then he suddenly laughed.

Qi Ruo Ya was an idiot, he actually thought of breaking through to deal with me.
Why doesn’t he think about how I wouldn’t allow him to do that?
But Qi Ruo Ya’s son was much brighter than he was, being able to think so far ahead.
However, Qi Yan is still only a sect’s young master, his vision is too narrow.
He’s too green.

Thinking that, Wang Hong Dao took out a talisman.

He spoke into it: “Tell them, right now”

He stopped, then looked back at all the blood stains on his body and his dirty robe.

Thinking how ragged he looked right now, Wang Hong Dao stopped.

“Ten minutes later, have all the cultivators of the sect gather at the main square, I have something to announce”

Saying so, he infused the talisman with spirit energy.

The talisman turned into a flame and flew away.

Wang Hong Dao then took out an insect from his chest.

Staring at the insect, he muttered.

“No matter who you gave the coordinates to, as long as this old man controls every single person in the sect, that person will be revealed”
“And this little problem ceases to be a problem”

Thinking about what he was about to do, Wang Hong Dao hesitated for a second.

Right now, my wounds are most important. Of course, the new world is also important, the only thing not important is this sect itself.
This damn sect… every breath they take is more spirit stones consumed.
Why even leave them to waste more resources?
Qi Ruo Ya is already dead, who can stop me now?

Wang Hong Dao had thought things through clearly.

He made a firm expression and clasped his hand together to form a few hand seals.

Spirit energy poured into the hand seals.

It was done.

In just a few moments, a colorful insect came out from Wang Hong Dao’s pouch.

This insect was only about as big as the tip of his thumb, it then shook slightly and disappeared into the night sky.

Following it, countless insects began to crawl out of his pouch, covering the sky as they flew towards the floating island.

A dark room.

Ye Ying Mei was reporting everything to a mirror.

After a while, a male voice came out.

“A new world? Well done, hiding there for over 1000 years, you’re finally useful for something”

“Yes” Ye Ying Mei bowed her head.

“But you still haven’t found out about Tian Shan Ye and Wang Hong Dao’s secret” the male voice asked.

“Although Wang Hong Dao was seduced, he never fully trusted me” Ye Ying Mei answered fearfully.

The male voice asked: “The poison, how much is he under its influence?”

“Even after checking it so many times, he never managed to notice the poison, so he always let himself go whenever he tortured me” Ye Ying Mei immediately answered.

“How could he possibly recognize our Rakshasa Peak’s poison? If it’s as you said and Wang Hong Dao is under very heavy poison dosage… you did well”

The male voice seemed satisfied as he continued: “This world is about to reach its end, the sect is no longer willing to wait”

Ye Ying Mei looked up at the mirror anxiously.

No sound came from the mirror.

Ye Ying Mei’s heart started beating heavily, called out in an almost dread-filled voice: “Sir!”

It wasn’t until a bit later that the male voice came again.

“You’ve been under a Cryptic realm cultivator for so many years and even managed to poison him, this was equivalent to giving the sect an additional Cryptic realm puppet, you have contributed greatly”
“The sect would never let you go through all that for nothing, especially when you discovered two new worlds. This can be counted as extra contribution”

Following the male voice, Ye Ying Mei’s heart slowly calmed as she joyfully asked: “You mean?”

“I decree this on behalf of Rakshasa’s Daughter”

The male voice became stern.

“Ye Ying Mei. You have contributed greatly to the sect, earning yourself a position of elder, but before you return to the sect, kill Qi Yan and take his head back to Rakshasa’s Daughter!”

“Yes!” while glad, Ye Ying Mei raised her brows a bit as she answered.

Wang Hong Dao closed his eyes and silently held the hand seal without activating.

Aside from Ye Ying Mei and Zhao Wu Chui as well as Qi Yan who is now inside the secret room, none of the other cultivators of Guang Yang sect had reached Virtualized realm.
Which means they don’t even qualify to notice this spell.

Thinking that, Wang Hong Dao couldn’t help but show an expression of relief.

The insects scattered everywhere around the floating island.

They all went out of Wang Hong Dao’s vision.

Not too long later.

All the cultivators of the sect appeared in front of Wang Hong Dao.

They all had blank faces as they stood there.

Against the spell of a Cryptic realm cultivator, the lower-ranked members of the sect couldn’t even notice in time to resist.

They were all dead now.

The insects controlled their bodies.

“So many of you, how troublesome”
“Hah, you all only waste the sect’s resources if you live anyways, so I won’t be giving any more to any of you”

Wang Hong Dao scowled as he spoke.

Closing his eyes, his hand seals began to shift constantly.

Every time he did, more cultivators fell to the ground as their heads exploded.

More and more of them fell.

Until finally, there was no one left standing.

Wang Hong Dao opened his eyes.


He was in an extremely bad mood.

Even after killing everyone, he still couldn’t find Qi Yan’s accomplice.

It couldn’t be Zhao Wu Chui.
Could it be Ye Ying Mei?
Or the two maids by Qi Yan’s side?
It's a waste to kill such beauties… let’s use soul reading first and kill them if I can’t find anything.
Right now the crucial thing is to find the new world’s coordinates.
Furthermore, no matter how you compare it, two women were nowhere as important as a new world.

Deciding that, he took out a communication talisman to summon Ye Ying Mei.

He was shocked.

He already held the communication talisman in hand, but didn’t activate it.

“Hallmaster Qi, long time no see” Wang Hong Dao suddenly smiled.

“That’s right, long time no see, Elder Wang” Qi Yan replied.

Qi Yan was standing not too far across from him.

Qi Yan actively went to seek him out!

This was completely out of Wang Hong Dao’s expectation.

“Is there a reason you came to find me?” Wang Hong Dao asked.

“I’m here to tell you something”


“Your two disciples betrayed you”

“What do you mean?”

Qi Yan took out the two treasure tools and casually threw them out.

The treasure tools slowly flew towards Wang Hong Dao.

Wang Hong Dao’s gaze tightened as he swiftly waved his hand.

The two treasure tools stood hovering in the air, unable to get close.

Wang Hong Dao released his inner sight to check.

They were indeed the real things.
But then, why would Qi Yan really be so ‘kind’ to secretly tell me this?

“Thank you, Hallmaster Qi, I will investigate this clearly later, do you have anything else to say?”

“There’s something else, I hope that Elder Wang will be gracious enough to cooperate with me”


“Please give up your life”

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